After last nights shows I was pumped up for tonight. It was pissing down with rain most of the night but lucky all the venues are close. The first stop was to see The Host with Most show this is show with 8 guests and the MC was Will Anderson with Faisal Butt, Joel Creasey, Dan Naturman, Tom Segura, Ahmed Ahmed, Mea Martin, David Ace and Gina Yashere.

I was really looking forward to seeing and hearing the Aussies here to try pick up on any tricks that might help. Will started well and got the show off to a good start. And then it was really flat the act didn't get a great response a lot of tags fell flat. The audience really needed a jolt, so the first act Faisal Butt came on and didn't go much at all. Joel did better at the end of his set but the crowd still weren't giving much, no one was smashing like last night even Tom Segura didn't get much. I drank a lot and that didn't help so I went to see Ari Shaffir at Cleopatra's a strip club. We saw Ari's late show every night last year.

The opener was Tony Hinchcliffe he was very solid and doesn't care what comes out of his mouth which is refreshing to see no PC people  here. Then Ari came on with a new look no glasses and now a mohawk and still as funny as ever, Again he goes where ever he wants but brings you along because its funny. This was a great show.

Next was the Toastmasters Invitational preliminary, This is a new show from Jeff Ross the king of Roasts. 

Each night 8 comedians will battle it out 1 on 1 and the judges Ari, Arti Lang and Jeff Ross decide the winner each one goes through and by the weekend we have a champ.

To warm up the crowd Jeff bring people from the crowd up on stage and destroys them I love this it is so funny.

First up was Mike Ward vs Joe DeRosa this was a close one with some full on roasting no holds barred. winner DeRosa. 

Next up was Tony Hinchcliffe Vs Luenell Tony destroyed her she was out of her depts on this one. Winner Hinchcliff. 

Next Tom Ballard vs  Randy the puppets was close Randy was funny. Winner Ballard 

Last round was Will Anderson Vs Jimmy Carr this was great they had a lot of venom in this one. Winner Jimmy Carr.

This show was awesome! I will get to a few of these shows this week I wish Australia wasn't so PC.


Sometimes its the crowd, It just is. They were really weird and flat during the first 2 shows. But in the first show it showed if your set wasn't really funny.

Writing a lot is so important! Ari releases a new special every year his show This is not happening was picked up and is going great.

Every one does act outs here!

Tomorrow a mix show and Ari Shaffir's Story teller show.

Dig it the most.