Ill make this a quick one as Im in Montreal now and saw some crazy shit last night.

We arrived just before 9pm I was told that I should speak to Mike Rita about jumping up. I have saw Mike the other day and he’s a very funny guy.  Mike was cool he said he had hear about me which is cool.

The show started off with a guy playing some songs as the room filled up its a long room with benches in the first half and tables in the second half of the room all with tables all with vaours and bongs on them.

Mike is Mc tonight and he is really funny a lot of crowd work and his material is gold he is someone to watch out for. There are about 4 acts on then a magician then a few more acts. The acts on before me were good they all got solid laughs while the room filled with smoke its really cool to see no drunk idiots or hecklers just a room full of people smiling. I was pumped up for this spot to try some new stuff out an add on to the Jesus bit and some editing in the new card story.

Before Mike brought me up he had a DABS! Which is a way of Vaping that smashes you hard! So when he did it i could hear this music like a small bagpipe as he to breaths, then I clicked on it was a music track. So there was my opener I thought he was making that noise with the Vapour It went well. The Card story went good but needs some work on editing and tags but Im happy with how its coming along. Jesus went well but the Punchline didn’t get its usual response then the add on went well so I think that will work out.

The crowd here was split it seemed younger at the front and older at the back and everyone stoned out of their brains! And Mike slipped me some cash at the end of the show. Nice!

Lessons Learnt.

Stoner rooms can be harder they don’t pop with laughter for the obvious reasons but they nod their heads along with you and chuckle. 

Record yourself from the back and middle of the room I didn’t think I got much then I listened to my recording and the second half of the room were laughing a lot more than the front which is good to know for editing my set. 

I wasn’t really happy with my set I said Fuck far too much I don’t know why? There is no need for me to even say it once in my set.  I don’t think it was nerves I had a faster rhythm in this set Its just not being aware on stage or being present to being on stage. Next gig no swearing! 

Also talk about what your crowd know about if you mention weed they are gonna be up for it.

Toronto was awesome the scene is crazy! It is massive and the standard of acts are crazy their pros are polished and the new guys are like our good pro guys.

But here is the coolest thing about the open mic scene here, It doesn’t seem to have a clique. People get along, And they are so fucking nice and friendly, there is no body trying to protect their spot or laugh at their mates jokes all night and refuse to laugh at another comedian because they don’t them to get over. No bullying or bagging out others and It was refreshing to not hear an open mic act or anyone walk off stage and say ” I killed it I smashed tonight” They don’t say it because they don’t have ego’s which means they will go home and fix the jokes because they need fixing. Always! Just be cool people!

I will be going back for a long run next year.

You have come up a treat today.