Tuesday night we headed down to Yuk Yuks one of the biggest Comedy clubs in the world. Its a really cool room more wide than long. There was a collage comedy show on first. I saw Bryan O'Gorman who is a Canadian Comedian I have seen kill at the Comics lounge a few times.

A good sized crowd started to fill in after the first show finished, I introduced myself to the MC Jeff Elliot and looked at the running order Im on third It's a mix of pro's and newbies about 10 acts so its the same as how I run the Tuesday show at the lounge.

The first act is a sign up on the night spot the only one for the show, Now he wasn't the strongest act Ive seen! He died hard the other acts were commenting on him and then the MC got up and ripped through him bagging him out too. I have never seen it that full on before. Really good for the nerves which I don't really get but now?

I moved over to the side as he brought on the next act, This guy is going to Just for Laughs next week and was a slayer one liner act the opposite of me. The Mc came over and said there is someone before you. Thank Fuck for that! This guy was a killer! The next act was a newer act he wasn't bad but brought it back down a bit.

I have been nervous about what would work and what wouldn't over here so I wrote a couple of new bits that day about how the bus drivers in Toronto need weed because they are so angry, And a funny story about getting my medical card in LA. so I opened with those two bits and they went well ill the medical card bit has legs.

My family bit went good and strong laughs on the end of that bit. And I finish with the Jesus bit, which was going great until I noticed the red lot was on so I had to jump into the final bit to close the set. But it worked out great I was able to cut a minute off that bit, got a round of applause and said thank you good night and got a couple of fist bumps on the way out. I checked my phone and it was 622secs so I was pissed off for going over time.

The rest of the show was cool every couple of acts were pros and the newbies were good too, After the show I met Ryan who booked me for the gig he was really nice and happy with my set I apologised for going over, He said, " thats cool that was great when you come back let him know and ill put you on in any of our clubs. Yeehaa!

Lessons learnt

Don't die on stage here they will let you know it! and everyone else!

I need a new joke or tag in every set, i have an excitement about the set to see if something new works or not it makes me focus So thats cool to know.

Don't go over time ever! It worked out for me this time but if it happens at another club they will ban you!

I have to run

Tonight I have a gig at Hotbox and maybe another so ill work on the new bit and a tag for the Jesus bit.

Word up!