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The Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store

Last night I met up with Australian Comedian Monty Franklin at a legendary club The Laugh Factory. This is such a cool old school looking club with a historical vibe. Monty was hosting or Emceeing the show which had a lot of older acts on some good some not so strong. Monty was great right off the bat talking about being an Aussie in Hollywood and the crowd loved it.

First act on was Mindy Rickles the daughter of comedy legend Don Rickles, Mindy wasn’t the strongest act! Then Brian Babylon hit the stage he has a new with Hannibal Burres on Comedy Central starting this week. Brian started off ok but then got better as the spot went on. Next up was Erik Griffin who plays Montez Walker from WORKAHOLICS he was great off the bat too very funny and he just looks like a funny guy I’d check him out again for sure. Mark Schiff was next he is old school he opens for Seinfeld on the road. Mark did a lot of old stock jokes but the crowd didn’t notice some were laughing but it wasn’t a strong act like I have been seeing. Then a special guest the great Dom Irrera, Start away he started banging out Mark saying that was the best gig he has ever done, He’s finally getting it he’s gonna make etc. He was very self deprecating and he did a lot of crowd work, it was awesome to see such a legend showing you how it is done!

Then we headed over to the Comedy Store we went out the back past Mark Maron, Fitzsimmons, Al Madrigal Bobby Lee was on but it was full again. Jodi Miller came up and said hi Monty introduced me I did meet her last year but I don’t think she remembered me. Jodi made it through Americas got talent last year she is a strong act. So we just hung out and chatted in the front bar for a while. Monty was heading off so i went upstairs to the Belly room for The Urban Show.

This show was cool as there was one white guy on he wasn’t very good but some of them were awesome its a completely different gear the Urban style and when the audience go they really loose their shit its great to watch and be a part of. I can’t remember the names there were too many on but ill try catch another show like this before I go.

Tonights Lessons 

My good buddy and mentor Brad Oakes always says you need gears in comedy great acts can change gears at any time. They have gears here but for the most part in 15min spots they just keep a relentless pace hitting the audience hard. But the gears between the shows were very different. Its just what they are used to.

As an Aussie Comedian find the funny differences between the states and Oz they love it.                                           Talk slower and articulate your words so they can understand you we do talk fast.                                                        Be universal Monty said to an audience member your from Interstate? They had no idea what it meant which was fine for Monty cause he made a joke about it. But it easy to forget what words are slang and what are english.

One thing with the not so strong acts is when a much doesn’t hit they just move on with confidence you wouldn’t even know they show no weakness.

And Monty is a legit gun his Aussie set is great but his US set is even better and he is an awesome guy Im really grateful he got me in and took me around last night.

Tonight ill hit the store and pay for a ticket It doesn’t always pay to be a comedian.

Be cool Stay in School.