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Alt dot Comedy Toronto

This will be a quick post and I apologise for the vagueness with the names but this morning I can't remember much maybe Kim pulled a Bill Cosby on me. Or its still jet lag.

I arrived in Toronto yesterday and tonight we headed into the centre of Toronto to check out a show at the Rivoli Alt Dot Comedy Lounge. There were about 100 people in the audience and the room has a really cool vibe we got in during the Emcee's spot. 

Now I won't give names out because there were so many acts on doing 10-15mins each I didn't remember names and there was no list. The opener was very strong he was very funny and very polished as were 90% of the acts on this bill, there was that same fast smooth rhythm that I saw in the states. The second and third act weren't as good but I could see that they used that rhythm to not give the audience a break, there was no silence on stage just one gear. It really stood out as to why so many acts would adopt this approach. 

The next act was Pete Zedlacher he was awesome and really funny, he is doing the Sir Patrick Stewart Gala at Just for laughs this year and really showed why he is on that bill. Then there was a drop off for a couple of acts they had that same rhythm but not the tags along the way. So lets say a tag didn't hit they were already talking or going into the next bit so there is no silence. 

The next few acts were really good an older guy screaming a lot he ended his spot well a guy in a flannel shirt he was the best I can't find his name but he would kill in Australia. A blonde lady she was also a great act funny all the way. All up there was 14 acts on with no break so it was a long show. The final act only did a few minutes he wasn't going too well so maybe he bailed.

Lessons learnt,

The whole faster rhythm thing really started to become clear to me at this show. 

Keep them entertained with sound or movement so if it's not so funny at least you are stimulating other senses.

It is a bit of a trap because you need laughs along the way. I asked Dan Connell about his style of slow story telling and he said he used to talk fast incase someone yelled out something during his set or heckled but that isn't his true voice and he has slowed down and it works perfect for him cause thats what he is really like.

The smiling thing a lot of the acts in the US and here smile a lot from start to finish which makes you more welcoming and a friendly face is a happy face. 

Tonights gig

So tonight I have a spot at Yuk Yuks which is one of the biggest clubs in the world. But I have no idea what to do fast pace my normal pace it's a room that is know for saying what you want with no limits which makes me think maybe my early material will work lol. 

I do have a new bit i want to try this isn't a pro night so its more important to learn what works here for me that trying to impress anyone that will come down the track. 

Dig it the most from coast to coast.