Hello again, It has been a while since my last post.

I have been doing a lot of different things over this past year from doing some really fun shows to being homeless to traveling through The united states of America to a small tour i am currently doing in Outback and country Australia.

It was about a year ago I was feeling a bit down with the lack of shows coming my way, As i was leaving my apartment with Chris Nelson who is one half of the Nelson Twins a great comedy act here in Oz, He asked me what i had booked I said nothing just the Comics lounge weekly show then my phone rang it was a Sydney number I only get calls from Telemarketers in Sydney so i ignored it.

We had a chat down stairs before parting ways I walked down the street to my car I thought i would check the Voicemail.

“Hello Justin?

This is Andrew Laing from A-List Entertainment We were wondering if you would like to Support Akmal Saleh on his Tour of Victoria in October.”

I thought it was a prank I wouldn’t be on A-lists radar, But i rang back thank god because it was real! He said they had heard good things about me and they wanted me for the support.

I got off the phone and just balled my eyes out I really didn’t expect this to happen.

So from nowhere a gift came and we headed off for a month in Victoria playing all over the state doing some really fun shows on big stages too which i am a lot more comfortable on, I guess from my years singing for Pegazus.

I did learn a lot on this tour, as I had to open the show cold and like when we opened for International acts in Pegazus you have to work really hard to win them over because your the person in the way of them seeing who they really want to see.

One thing I did notice on getting this gig was how some people were really pissed off at me for getting it and in some circles i was punished for getting this gig but it doesn’t matter in the long run.

I went to the USA in late March for a great backpacking comedy boot camp.

My plan was to spend 3 months there going from gig to gig while smoking as much weed as humanly possible. I made the choice to throw all of my older material away so I would have to write while there and also write to their humor. I started off in LA and did some gigs but really wasn’t into the scene I guess my goals didn’t match the rest of the scene.

Most of the comedians goals in LA are to make it which wasn’t why i was there I just wanted to get better fast and to learn as much as I could. So when i do go back there to make it if i ever do i will be a beast.

So after a week I went to Sacramento and stayed at a beautiful Hostel the only one there. The gigs I did were really fun the weed was great and i started to really get to writing and understanding the place, I cant wait to go back there and catch up with some of the local comedians who i made friends with and to do some bigger gigs to.

The next place was San Francisco I didn’t like it much I had a weird feeling when i got there It was so expensive but the gigs went well and I started to get a few minutes of material together.

Then i went back to LA for a few days I decided to get up at the comedy store during the Kill Tony show and ate a big one although It was a o1 minute spot. The jokes that worked in the other cities had no reference in LA, I learnt there that what is funny in one city or state might no work in another. The interview part went well comics were coming up after the show saying i did well the most important thing is the interview part, not in my mind i want my material to work. After that show I went to room in Hollywood that a mate Alex runs and had an ok set there running new stuff. It was very Urban which was cool I want to do those rooms and latino rooms because it is just so different from what i would get back home and the people are pretty cool.

The Vegas I didnt like the place that much just gambling non stop I’m not really into that.

The Queen Creek Arizona to hang with my homie’s Deni and Jackie who I met just before I left at the Arnold Classic which is a bodybuilding comp held in Melbourne.

I just chilled out there for a couple of weeks and hung out with Deni and her hubby John who was really cool. I was a bit messed in the head by this stage I was smoking way too much weed and had been for a year, I found that traveling on my own is great but also dangerous for me as I get stuck in my own head and I can get really depressed. Which sucked because they weren’t getting the best version of me to hang out with.

But I really had a great time just sitting and chatting with Deni about life and telling stories, she is just a really great human to the core.

Then I went to Denver, I got goosebumps walking down the street it had a great vibe I had a really good feeling about this place.The gigs I did there went well a few I went nuts and let loose and my style and material was working really well with them. The weed was great too and cheap plus the altitude and i got really high!!!

I was there a few weeks then Headed back to LA then home. I got what I wanted from the US, I got better I also saw what I have to do and also where I am at in the comedy scene If I let loose In a long set I can more than hold my own and excel.

Since I got back I have quit weed and been having some great shows the spots at The Comics Lounge have been crazy I have smashed and feel like I am bringing it all together.

The most important thing I have taken away from this is always be as honest with yourself as you can be. I see so many acts come off stage saying they just smashed or they think they are on a level that they are not. If you suck or a joke sucks and you don’t acknowledge it, You wont fix it or work harder to get better.

I just want to be the best I can be and I know that can be great.

I will write a blog tomorrow about the country gigs I have been doing.

Thanks for reading if anyone did read this.